Discern within…

Robert Green, in his book titled Mastery, believes in what he calls the 7 Deadly Realities about human nature. “Most of us,” Green begins, “have these negative qualities – Envy, Conformism, Rigidity, Self-obsessiveness, Laziness, Flightiness and Passive Aggression – in mild doses. But in a large group setting, there will inevitably be people who have one or more of these qualities to a high enough degree that they can become very destructive.” In other words, Green agrees with Friedman and my experience in this practice called BTL – sabotage is a part of human systems.

As leaders, we have the unwelcome responsibility of deciding how to deal with those who have gone dark, so to speak. Sometimes we use truth in love to bring them back into light. Sometimes we show them the door. Oftentimes, we have to look within at our own heart, first, to discern what to do with another by first understanding our motivation, our light, our bias, or our fear. Leaders cannot discern in another what they’ve not taken the time to discern within.

Discern within.

So, our work on studying general human nature leads us, inevitably, back to studying our own nature and seeing the need for more work within. As we get comfortable shining the light on ourselves, so much dark is swallowed up. Discern within, friend. Discern within.

God, help me to keep working on me. God, help me…

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