Internal warning system…

Thursday morning I began to get a strange feeling inside, something just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was or where it was coming from, but I knew something was off. By Thursday night, however, the signals were not subtle, they were screaming. My head felt like someone was running a jack hammer right behind my eyes, my nose ran like Niagra falls in the springtime, my legs felt like mush, and my body’s temperature was rising. My body got my attention, finally. I’m sick. Time to slow down, rest, and recover.

Not convenient, either.

All our children (33,30,28 soon, 22) are home for the Holidays, and not for long. No time to be sleeping and staying away. No choice, either. Sucks. It is what it is. It is what it is…

Today, remember, the stronger your insides the more they scream for change before the universe does. Don’t wait for the outside world to get your attention that it’s time to slow down, that it’s time for a hard stop, that it’s time to deeply change. Tune in to your internal warning system, friend. Tune up your figurative, BTL core. Your BTL core will scream “change” way before your head hurts, you feel like you’re beaten down, and you just want to give up and lay down.

Wake up! There’s never a good time to do the work within. Slow down and enjoy your Holiday’s with those you love. I’m sick. Our children are home. It is what it is. Good…

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