Lil’ Rye Rye…

It’s funny the stuff people remember from you or about you. One of my dear friends(Peteboy) son, Ryan, recently wrote a book titled The Winners Toolkit. He gave me a copy with a sweet note in the front and as I’m reading through the opening pages, here’s the quote from me that he chose to put in his book. I’m not sure what early version of the playbook he pulled this from ‘cause I know it’s not in the most recent one. It’s funny the stuff that sticks…

“The foundation of any building is critical. The taller the building, the deeper the foundation must be. A foundation, though, is only as strong as the bedrock it is built upon. The reason they can build such tall buildings in Manhattan is that the entire island has granite bedrock. It’s very hard, very stable. A foundation built on sand or landfill will not provide the strength or stability of solid bedrock. This is true in building a great life as well. In building a great life, the bedrock we build upon is our, often unconscious, worldview or philosophy of life.”

Of course, this thought of mine is not really, exclusively, a thought of mine. For many years, my mother, father, teachers, mentors, coaches, and friends had been giving me good food for thought. Countless times I had been told the story from Matthew 7:24-27 about the wise and foolish builders. More importantly, I had a front row seat to my mother and father and watched them live out their faith as best they could. Both were wise builders. Many lessons they modeled stuck. My parents were believers in the fullest sense of the word. They believed in faith and family. They believed in our country. They believed in right and wrong. They believed in hard work and generous hearts. They believed in giving. My dad, oftentimes, went too far when it came to giving. I can recall (the good doc) giving free medical care to any religious teachers and not collecting from welfare patient after welfare patient. I saw their foundation and it was bedrock – it was good.

So, friend, we never know when or what people pick up about our foundation, our BTL core as we describe it. Do the work. Build strength. Build on bedrock. Give and be blessed. Receive and be grateful. Merry Christmas and good writing lil’ Rye Rye…

4 thoughts on “Lil’ Rye Rye…

  1. Chet
    You have been there for Ryan every step of the way! Will never forget all those nights he came home as a little guy having played his heart out in that famous Scott Football Game that took place on more nights than we can remember!
    Thank you for all your support and friendship!

  2. Chet- Thank you for the endorsement and for the mentioning my book in your blog! You have been a tremendous support and influence in my life! Good luck with the wrestling season this year!
    Ryan (aka Lil’ Rye Rye)

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