Kairos. Memory…

Watching my Miss work these past three days has been the greatest Christmas present ever. She has been non stop putting out great food, made from scratch, and filled with love from her heart to those she loves. I know she’s not 100%, as she would say, but she’s so much better I’ve forgotten how far from normal she may still be. My bride is feeling better and those of us that love her are feeling better too.

This morning, Slo, Stud, Blondie, and I put a hurt on ourselves. We put ourselves in acute pain on purpose. We chose this suffering. Since July 2016, Miss has been in some unchosen suffering. She didn’t choose to lose her balance, appetite, sleep, heart rhythm, food allergies, hair loss, and all kinda other symptoms from metal toxicity’s, thyroid dysfunction, and hormonal hell.

As you look ahead to 2018, might I recommend you prepare for unchosen suffering by acclimating yourself to adversity. Choose to suffer, friend. Put yourself under distress on purpose. Regularly get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Today, we performed some Lhangs (women’s gymnastics), did 48 SEALpulls (Navy SEAL’s), 120 kettlebell swings (grapplers), over 100 heavies (YouTube), umpteen masons (P90X), flutters, TRX mountain climbers, and TRX knee ups (ouches). I would never have worked this hard without my teammates beside me. Find a friend and get to work putting a hurt on each other.

Yesterday, I did more dishes than I’ve ever done. I smiled the whole time as I worked beside my bride. Her unchosen suffering has changed us. We’re more grateful for everyday, for small wins, for simple pleasures, and for simply being with. Today I’m hoping to get the kids out for a short road trip and show them a thing or two around Cbus. This morning’s chosen suffering is already a distant, rear view memory. Kairos coming. Kairos moments that my mind will keep hold of. Kairos. Memory. Good…

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