Taylor, Kristi, and I were driving to workout the other day when out of nowhere Taylor suggested we play a game. He was sitting in the back seat and asked us to all think for a few seconds and then use two adjectives to best describe each other. He went first and then said it was my turn. It didn’t take long to come up with my two best descriptors for Krit’s as sweet and sassy. I had to ponder how best to describe Tay with two words. Finally, the lightbulb went off – Thoughtful and kind. Taylor is best described as thoughtful and kind, at least to my mind. Kristi started laughing out loud as she heard me describe Tay. She had already chosen the exact same two words for her little brother. We couldn’t believe how much our minds think alike. We all smiled, laughed, and felt something. Good…

It was a non descript, car ride to workout. It was a cold winters day that wasn’t going particularly great for any of us. It became a kairos moment for me. I will never forget Taylor or Krit’s two favorite words to describe me. You see, friend, you don’t forget Kairos moments. You hold onto them, sometimes, forever. Thanks for creating some Kairos for us, Tay…

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