Less soft…

Less soft.

I am resolved to make 2018 another year where I build inner strength. I’ve noticed the tendency is to become more soft with each passing year. Only I can stem this tide. My family cannot make me strong, nor can my friends. My fellow builders cannot make me strong, nor can my enemies. People and circumstance simply create the fertile or not so fertile ground for me to sow upon. It’s up to me to decide who I become along this seemingly generous path laid out before me.

So, today, I’m going to kick the year off with some hard things. I’m going to do a few more hard things in 2018 than I attempted in 2017. I’m pushing outside my comfort zone a few more times. In 2018, my aim is to do hard things worth doing and do them with a few hardened souls. Become less soft and at the same time more compassionate. Less soft. Do hard things. More compassion for family, friend, and foe. Good.

Happy New Year, my soft friend. What problem are you re-solving in 2018?

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