The moment matters most…

Today, during practice 214 with k-dev krazies, we practiced 7 good minutes and extrapolated the learning to our work. You see, friend, 7 good minutes, where you focus the brain in one direction and hold it’s attention on understanding another, is food to train the brain, period. Masters at anything are masters at holding their attention, zoning in, and tuning out. Masters don’t hear the noise and clangor ‘cause they are lost in their work, whatever it is.

Masters focus attention.

You are being programmed by the world to distribute your attention. We skim, scan, swipe, and scroll as we give our attention to articles, tweets, videos, and stick to little that doesn’t entertain. Masters hold their gaze. Masters train their brain. Masters understand that domain specific expertise doesn’t come when distributing attention without discipline.

Masters scan the savanna, so to speak, and see the big picture with 20/20 like clarity. Masters distribute attention with discipline and alignment with their BTL core and opus. Masters do not allow the media, well meaning teammates, or even mean girls, take them off task. Masters distribute attention by design. And, masters focus attention like a banchee who believes the work right in front of them is all there is, at least in the deep now. Masters distribute. Masters focus in the deep now. Both matter. Both are essential to excellence.

The moment matters most. Good.

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