Your mantra…

As we put a wrap on practice 247 yesterday, I reminded the team that nobody dreams big and puts forth a full, disciplined effort, when they’re feeling down in the dumps. Learning optimism matters because life is difficult and it’s easy to stay down once your ass is dragging. I reminded this team that a Joy filled life is possible even when it feels like you’re mopping up one mess after another. The enemy we must control begins by winning the battle between our ears. You know this is true. So, friend, don’t get discouraged and tell yourself that you and your partner aren’t ever gonna get there, that you can’t overcome the obstacle in front of you, or any other crazy script you picked up from Mom, Dad, or anyone for that matter. Don’t talk down to yourself. Talk yourself up. Replace the childhood script with one from today. Good…

Remind yourself to keep working, keep putting forth a full effort, and that as long as you’re still breathing you’re good. Remind yourself that you control effort. Your effort, according to Grit Author, Angela Duckworth, counts twice.

Skill. Passion. Effort. Effort. These are the four legs of performance.

Stop searching for something new. Most performance problems are eliminated with an increase in effort, not some new technique or another tool. When you’re facing adversity or prosperity, you need to keep your mind focused on what’s in front of you. You cannot properly channel effort when your mind is distracted or attention is distributed. A mantra can help you flip the switch, if you will. A mantra can shut down your monkey brain and stop the catastrophic thinking in your head, but it can only do this if your mantra is money, you know what I mean? Your mantra only has power if you’ve chosen your words and given them meaning. Make sense?

My mantra is two words – “Keep working.” Kyle Snyder’s mantra (stud grappler) is “Don’t protect anything.” Kelsea Mitchell’s (freakin’ magic women’s basketball star) is “Prepare to start again.” Nothing new here, just some timely reminders. You have what it takes, friend. I believe in you. Do the work. Keep working. See you on the climb.

What’s your little voice telling you? What’s your mantra? Good…

4 thoughts on “Your mantra…

  1. Nice post, Chet. Thanks for all your now near-daily reflections. I continue to learn so much from you.

    May I “AND” your thoughts? The essence of excellence as I understand it is the nexus of a four-component model: Strength, Passion, Service, and Persistence (this last one maybe thought of as Effort + Effort). Service is the fourth component you didn’t mention, thus my “AND.”

    Constant growth towards mastery, offered in the service of others, provides the value exchange most of us need for sustaining the push beyond our comfort zones in the direction of our strengths to become the thing God intended originally. This is a model of essentials, because “three outta four” or anything less ends up a disaster.

    For example:
    Passion and Persistence in Service without Strength?
    = Pipe Dream, as in futility.
    Strength and Persistence in Service without Passion?
    = Prison, as in midlife crisis.
    Strength, Passion, and Persistence without Service?
    = Pastime, as in hobby.
    Strength and Passion in Service without Persistence?
    = Poison, as in slow death.

    In my view, stretching towards our passionate best, given in service to others, is an active embodiment of The Great Commandment and a response to the Parable of the Talents. It’s also what the happiest people on Earth know and do.

    Thanks for the opportunity to pitch a couple of cents in from time to time.

  2. Love this “and,” Sully. Love this. Love that you continue to bless our work and receive blessing from it. God bless you and yours…

  3. My mantra is “PTG Airborne”. It was something we said in college before every soccer game. It stands for “Play To Glorify” and the “Airborne” referred to the how. The gentleman who started the soccer program was a former Airborne Ranger. They are the elite of the Army and their training was the foundation for our work ethic as a soccer program.

    Now, this mantra reflects the Chateaubriand quote of my work being my play and my life long pursuit of the St. Iraneaus decklaration “The glory of God is man fully alive.” The “Airborne” is still about training to be elite AND continuing to take things (me, my family, the band and my clients) to a higher level.

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