Colby, SuperSyd, and Isaiah…

Yesterday, at the end of practice 247, Colby came running up to me. He had something he just had to tell me. I love this part of BTL. When people sense your passion and purpose toward your work and toward them, they can’t stop themselves from trying to help you. Colby had to tell me about Isaiah Thomas, the point guard of the Cleveland Cav’s. We had been talking about building our BTL core, changing our little voice, and ended practice around the power of authoring your own mantra (see post earlier this am). Colby told me something I didn’t know about Isaiah.

Colby told me that Isaiah was the last person picked in the 2011 NBA draft. Nobody believed a 5’9” point guard was going to last in the NBA, much less develop into one of its stars. Isaiah believed. His mantra, Colby smiled as he told me, “Pick me last again.” Actually when you google it, you’ll see the letters are big and bold, just like Isaiah.

Make 2018 the year you build your belief, author your BTL core, create your opus (labor of love) and live it out through your playbook of productive action. Stop stopping yourself, friend. Remember, the elite have developed the discipline of being hard on self without getting down on self. Do likewise. Thanks for taking the time to make BTL better, young Colby. I appreciate your belief and kindness.

And, SuperSyd, I like your latest tweet (thanks Cbear for posting), which is kinda a nice note to self. Your work and life do matter. You matter. And, for what it’s worth, I believe in you too, SuperSyd. Let that little deposit into your inner bank account. Money.

Keep working. Good…

1 thought on “Colby, SuperSyd, and Isaiah…

  1. Bill Billichik’s mantra is – “No days off” and “Do your Job” … His chant at the parade in Boston after winning his 5th super bowl was “No days off”…

    Keep Working

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