I’m almost finished with Joy Mangano’s book titled Inventing Joy. The book tells the story of Joy’s original invention, the miracle mop, and how she overcame incredible obstacles on the way to becoming one of America’s top ten female entrepreneurs. The movie was good. The book even better.

Joy’s mother and father don’t model the way. Joy has three children in four years and a nervous breakdown from exhaustion, hormone issues and out of control thyroid. Joy’s husband leaves her. Joy designs a mop so she doesn’t have to get her hands on stinking chemicals every time she wrings it out. You see, friend, Joy was always cleaning up messes. Joy partners with a manufacturing company to build her prototype. It works. Joy partners with her dad since she doesn’t understand finance. Seems to work out. Joy buys a boatload of mops and bets QVC channel can pedal them, since they’re the experts. Joy’s mop bombs. QVC sells 50 of the 5000 and prepares to send 4500 back to her and break her. Joy fights to go on TV (scared to death) and speak from her heart. She sells all 4500 in twelve minutes. Joy is a success.

The manufacturer decides to raise their price by two bucks a mop. They want to break her and steal her idea. She fights. The Australian firm with the fraudulent patent nearly takes her down. Joy’s dad wasn’t paying the bills. The manufacturer won’t give her the mop molds back. They lie and say they’ve been stolen. Joy has to fly from Long Island to LA and fight again. Joy has to fly to Texas and fight her Australian fraudulent partner. Joy speaks from her heart in front of a California judge and he sets a legal precedent by awarding her the mops (some judges have a heart). Joy now has her mop molds and the only problem is she’s never manufactured a single one. She fly’s back to Long Island and figures it out. Joy hires family, friends, and a whole bunch of Spanish speaking immigrants (a local Pastor provides half his congregation) to manufacture QVC’s order of 60,000 mops. Joy goes on TV again and sells them all in eight hours.

Joy figured it out. It was anything but easy. Her dream did not become her reality without her productive actions becoming productive disciplines. She had to keep working when normal humans would ring the bell. She had to fight. Her obstacles became her way. Yours will too but only if you develop the discipline of running through them, around them, over them, and under them. You are meant to be an entrepreneur, at a minimum an entrepreneur of life – your life. You’re going to have to fight for it, however. Nothing worth possessing, remember, has ever been given.

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” Marcus Aurelius

What’s standing in the way of your big dream, friend? Good…

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