Yesterday, my nephew Matt asked me if I planned on retiring anytime soon. The way he asked the question told me he already knew the answer, he was simply seeking confirmation.

Remember, as an entrepreneur of life, your job is to never stop. Live your life so those around you will see at least one example of a life well lived. You don’t have to do anything crazy big or insanely popular. You don’t have to achieve some status or position. You don’t have to be well known or achieve some specific degree or doctorate. You simply have to pursue excellence, do something your heart deems worth doing, and continue working toward mastering whatever is your craft.

The word “retirement” doesn’t exist in The Bible. We are not designed, I believe, to stop until our designer says we’re done. My job is to figure out my gifts and give them in service to others. My job is to love the work and love the team. My job feels like playing most of the time because it’s fun to contribute something of value with family, friends, and clients. My hope is to keep loving, keep contributing, and keep working until called home.

What do you believe? Good…

3 thoughts on “Retirement…

  1. When will you retire? I am asked that question frequently, it’s like I am breaking a rule with some people! You’re not retiring??!! Why work they say??!! You nailed it Chet! I am doing what God called me to do and this old Fart loves what he is doing. Always room for improvement, seeking mastery and plenty of opportunities to serve others! Thank you for your friendship and support!

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