Play. The. Work…

Today, I told one client to stop playing games and simply do the work. He’s way too focused on what the Board thinks. Today, I told another client to start playing the game. He works in a politically charged system and needs to act like it.

Everyday, in this work, I tell people what to do even though I tell them not to do what I do. Everyday, leaders embrace paradox, ambiguity, and appear to be the world’s biggest hypocrite. There are no easy answers to complex problems. And, we often mistake complicated with complex.

Do. The. Work.

Play. The. Game.

The BTL leader learns when to do which. The BTL leader makes things as simple as possible but never more so. Are you? Good…

2 thoughts on “Play. The. Work…

  1. If you’re willing and your time allows, will you tell me more about this statement ?

    The BTL leader makes things as simple as possible but never more so

    I’m really hung up on the “…but never more so” part. As I strive to be a leader I am trying to learn when to simplify (CCD) and when to be complex (give more of a Why behind my position or direction). Are you encouraging us to be complex in our thoughts but simple in direction?

    I could go on guessing for days. Thought I should ask what it means before I go down the rabbit hole.

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  2. Complex in your thoughts. Simple in direction. Not complicated. Yes. The leader’s job is to put the cookies on the bottom shelf. You know you are building mastery in your domain when you are able to communicate complex thoughts in simple language. You got the message…

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