Lead, anyway…

I love this work and I’m tired by this work. Lead anything, friend, and you’re going to have days, weeks, months, and maybe even years where you are more tired by your work than inspired. Life is difficult and it’s not just difficult for you and me, it’s difficult for everyone; even those who don’t look disheveled.

Lead anything and you’re going to have to, sometimes, compartmentalize instead of integrate. Some days, weeks, months, or maybe longer, you’re going to have more than one mess going and your brain can’t hold more than one in working memory without going batshit crazy. So, you’re gonna have to separate yourself from work when you go home and separate yourself from life when you go to work. Remember this truth, leader. Nobody cares about your messes when it’s your job to lead them. Your team expects you to lead them, no matter what’s going on in your personal life. This is the responsibility of leadership, friend.

So, leader, buck the hell up. Do your job. Lead, anyway. God, help me. God, help all leaders. Good…

2 thoughts on “Lead, anyway…

  1. I think some therapeutic wine is in order, n’est-ce pas? Praying for my friend, and leader extraordinaire, Chet Scott and his lovely bride and their wonderful family.

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