What’s your story…

Today, as I made my way up the jetway alone with my thoughts, I noticed something out of the ordinary. The pilot, all decked out in his SWA gear and bomber jacket to boot, was standing in the cold, jetway greeting his passengers. He asked the elderly woman in front of me where she had been and if she was heading home. They talked for a few minutes as he appeared to be genuinely interested. As I walked by my head was down and my mind relaxed. I was not prepared to engage in conversation but the pilot had other ideas.

Noticing my book, If I Had Lunch with C.S. Lewis he couldn’t help himself. He began speaking to me about the book. We talked. In the span of a few minutes we came to realize we have a love of Lewis in common as we’ve both read all his stuff. We compared highlights, laughed, and moved on. As I’m now seated in the second row, my heart is still smiling at the surprise of this conversation and our pilots interest in something beyond his jet and flight plan. I’m going to assume he’s tough and tender.

Lewis, especially in The Chronicles of Narnia, challenges his readers to understand that the story we believe we’re in determines what we think of ourselves and consequently the way we live. For Clive, Christianity doesn’t just make sense of stuff, it invites us to play in a bigger story. Today, a team from Chitown got a bit more clarity around their individual stories and their role in the bigger story of their team. They are waking up to the fact that their work is more than a job, it’s a chance to find their voice, sing their song, sing it out loud, and sing along with souls very distinct and different, yet deeply connected. Someday, some of them are gonna connect their individual and team stories to some larger story in their community, whatever that may be. Kinda like todays Pilot, the bigger the story they think they’re in the more likely they are to think of themselves as much more than just the role they’re in and consequently, change the way they work and live. God, help me see your meta story and play my bit part to the best of my ability. God, help me.

What’s your story, friend? Good…

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