Love, anyway…

Today a strong man cried about his cat. Today another strong man came clean about his dad. Today yet another strong man celebrated his new chapter in his opus. Today an even stronger man shared his despair. Today is poison and wine. I’m savoring the wine and not allowing the toxins to take hold. Today I’m choosing to believe that life is meant to be bitter and sweet. Today is what it is, friend. We all see everyday through the lens of our worldview. It matters a great deal that your lens gives you 20/20 clarity. Does it?

Today I’ve been exercising my “being with” muscle, keeping my heart open and my mouth mostly closed. When hanging with the hurting, being with is more than enough. Remember, leader, most of your team is hurting most of the time. And, humans do not hear well when hurting. We need to learn optimism that this too shall pass. We need to allow silence and learn not to fill every vacuum with our words. As Mother Teresa often reminded us, we simply need to love anyway.

Be with. It is what it is. This too shall pass. Love anyway. Good…

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