The three bolted on principles I try to live by are as follows:

1. Model the way.
2. Embrace pain and suffering.
3. Embody truth in LOVE.

These are borrowed from The Bible. I fail to live up to each one, each and every day. I am, however, leveling up. The hardest one is the last. Here’s why. We fall in love with the idea of speaking; seeking, not so much. Many BTL team practice participants come to me after attempting to speak truth in love (especially at home) and tell me this pretty much sucked. They tried to tell a teammate the truth and were given the heisman. They went home and attempted to tell a loved one the truth and the receiver went all kinda nuclear, and still isn’t speaking to them. Flip the script, friend. Instead of mastering the art of speaking truth in love, master the discipline of seeking first. Master the art of seeking truth; speaking it, not so much.

It’s funny, isn’t it, that modeling the way has always been so much stickier than speaking our way. Seek, don’t speak. Speak less.

Speak less. Seek more. You may leave ‘em speechless. Good…

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