Your system is either progressing or regressing, it’s either evolving or dissolving. Nothing maintains the status quo for long. Do not forget the evolutionary rules that regulate and promote progress. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to promote progress, to evolve. Here are a few evolutionary principles. Feel free to “and.”

1. Build your ability to resist impulse. Excellence requires that you regulate yourself and don’t simply do whatever “feels good.” Resisting impulse is the master skill of the elite.

2. Build yourself and others to adapt to strength rather than placate the weak. Nothing causes regression more than adapting your standards to the weakest around you. Adapting to strength is system survival 101.

3. Build yourself and your team to respond to challenge by adding capacity. Keep reaching, stretching, and not settling. Make yourself and your team do what you can.

4. Build a long view for the growth process. Stop the quick fix mentality. Reward effort. Reward consistency. All sustainable growth takes time. Build patience as you push.

5. Build your ability to tolerate acute pain. Only the strong survive doesn’t tell the story. Only the strong develop a tolerance for more and more acute pain and eliminate chronic pain as a way of life. Embrace acute pain and suffering, friend.

6. Build your focus on the future, keep your eye on the prize. Accept your present moment, learn to dance with the mundane. Learn from your past, don’t live in it. Build the discipline of PA (productive action) to move you and your team forward.

7. Build an ever deepening love for your work and life. Love your family, friends, and clients. Love more. Nothing gives you the energy to evolve like the pure jet fuel of love. Give and take care. Good…

Remember, you are meant to evolve. You can’t progress by standing still or, worse yet, by regressing. “Prepare to start again,” right Kelsey? Don’t use the economy, your situation, your teammates, your competition, your boss, or anything else as your reason for staying in the comfort zone. You are meant to reach, stretch, not settle. You are meant to evolve.

Forward is your only option.


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