Mike King…

In 1934, Mike King traveled to Berlin checking out a Baptist preachers conference. I can only imagine the fire and brimstone being laid down before the wall went up. Mike was so blown away by what he learned about Martin Luther that he decided to change his name. Mike became Martin Luther and his 5 year old son became Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m polishing off Eric Metaxas book Martin Luther And I too am blown away by what I’m learning. Martin didn’t set out to break away from the Roman Catholic Church, he simply aimed to reform her. The Pope and Emperor, however, could not handle any form of dissent and their inability to listen led to the greatest change the Church had ever seen. Martin didn’t start the Protestant Church. Nope, not really. Martin started the people’s Church. Martin represented the peasants, the common people, and he provided them hope that in their Church they could take communion, build community, and learn more than a couple verses along the way. Martin gave voice to the people. Mike King Jr would as well.

Mike King was a long way from his sweet home in Alabama when inspiration caught him. Who know’s where you’ll be when some breathe of air infuses your lungs, lifts your spirit, and inspires you to see yourself, your world, and your role in it, in a whole new way. Who knows you may even decide to rename yourself too. You know, stop calling yourself all those negative names you picked up from others along the way. Who knows what you might be destined to do if you called yourself by your proper, God given, name.

Slow down today. Thank Martin for modeling the way. Listen for the sounds, sights, and scents of your calling. Open your eyes and your mind. Be like Mike and let your voice be heard. Make it strong and sweet. Good…

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