Lots of chatter about corporate culture, right? Here’s BTL’s belief regarding your company culture – it’s a combination of all your individuals, teams, and leaders cultures. Your company doesn’t have a singular culture, unless it’s a died in the wool cult. Your company has a reputation, just as you do. Your company has a whole bunch of different reputations depending on who you talk to. Wanna drive yourself nuts? Focus on what you can’t control, what other people think of you, your reputation.

Focus within, friend. Focus on building good character and combining it with real competence. Focus on mastering your craft and aligning behaviors with beliefs. Focus on being who you are regardless where you are and whom you’re with. Focus on becoming the best version of you. Focus on your character. Focus on who you are. Make sense?

Today, during practice 216 with k-dev krazies, we heard from Jessie & Jeremiah, two newbies to the k-dev kulture. Jessie shared her perspective and Jeremiah challenged Frankeethepresidentialhonkee. These two are bringing their distinct beliefs and behaviors to BTL practice and this team. Today, Tay put a bow on it with his deeply connected “Yes, and.” Today the k-dev kulture grew as the k-dev indivuals grew. The same is true for you and whatever systems you’re in. Want a better culture in your community? Become a better character and build real competence. You see friend, your culture is a combination of your character and competence. Build both. Make your “twenty square feet” (office) a place where character and competence both reside.

Your company, regardless it’s stated culture, just got better. Good…

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