We belong…

The minute you join any collection of individuals, teams, or leaders, your brain goes all primal on you, at least at a subconscious level. You see, anytime you engage with others, your brain scans them like the ancient Savannah looking for friend or foe. Your brain begins with the leader but it doesn’t stop there, it’s got to know that not only does she have your back but so do your peers, your peeps under you, and the other peeps in close proximity around you. You aren’t satisfied until you somehow know it’s safe.

You ask three questions on your way to the big one. Are we close? Are we safe? Do we have a shared future? If your brain is going to turn it’s focus toward real work, it’s got to answer these fear based ones first. You see, friend, you and I come with deep, primal hard wiring. We don’t get busy until we answer the big question that comes from answering the first three – Do I belong?

BTL believes that too many leaders seem to have forgotten that modern man still runs on a primal operating system. You are wired to belong and become. If you don’t feel safe, if you don’t feel like you belong with your bride, brother, best friend, or fellow bellhops or basketball players, you are not going to perform anywhere close to your peak. This is why we can’t explain why certain teams outperform seemingly superior teams. We can’t put an exact number on belonging to a band of brothers, but we know it matters when we see it or sense it.

Want a better team, leader? Remember your teammates want to belong, need to belong, and just like your lover, they need to be reminded over and over and over again – You are safe, we are close, we have a future together. We belong. Good…

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