Truth hurts…

There are all kinds of courage. We tend to think mostly of the kind of courage required to run, headlong into battle, facing an armed enemy. I’ve never faced this but am certain it takes a ton of courage to do so. We tend to think of courage as the Mother who runs, headlong into a burning house because her babies are in there. She oftentimes, after running such a rescue mission, can’t believe she did what she did. Shaking like a leaf, she wonders what she was thinking. The truth is she wasn’t. The overwhelming love for her aim caused her to risk bodily harm. In the moment of truth, her love outweighs her fear. God bless all who act so couragesly.

According to Dave Cooper, former Navy SEAL Chief, there’s another type of courage and this one is frequently available to you and to me. This courage forces our mouth open. What comes out is like antiseptic, it may sting before it soothes. You see, friend, antiseptics are a lot like truth…

“When we talk about courage, we think it’s going against an enemy with a machine gun, Cooper says. “The real courage is seeing the truth and speaking the truth to each other. People never want to be the person who says, ‘Wait a second, what’s really going on here?’ But inside the squadron, that is the culture, and that’s why we’re successful.” In BTL parlance – Truth in love often hurts before it heals. Truth hurts before it heals…

What, leader, are you doing to create the kind of environment where the truth is valued more than mindlessly following orders? What, leader, are you doing to create a culture out of your sole control and just this side of chaos? It takes courage to build a self organizing, self authorizing system, doesn’t it? Where, leader, do you need to loosen your control? Slow down and sit with this one for awhile. Slow down. If you’re like most of the leaders I’m privileged to work alongside, you do not need to run faster, headlong, into anything. You need to slow down and think critically. You need to seek truth, see truth, speak truth, listen for hard truth, and become more curious and less commanding. Truth hurts. Embrace this, leader.

Truth hurts before it heals. Good…

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