Kyle, Grappy, and laboring in love…

Yesterday was FM, baby. So much good learning. Here’s how it ended…

Practice 65, with a team of grapplers, focused on giving the Head Coach feedback to make him a better leader. Yes, a team of 18-23 year olds had the courage to tell their leader hard truth and he had the courage to let it in, humbly. We all got better. It was beyond amazing to see the level of trust and truth in the room. After BTL team practice, I stuck around to watch the grapplers do their thing. The practice was beyond insane. First they warmed up doing some kind of positional drill that looked like a moving wall sit. My legs were burning just watching. Next they practiced hand fighting for what seemed like 15 minutes. By now the temperature in the room had elevated 8 degrees. The last of the grappler drills was practicing escaping from the bottom position. Every muscle must have been shot after this, or so I thought.

The crazy Doc came in, as if on queue, to finish them off. The backups were assigned more wrestling drills, while the starters followed the crazy doc over to the treadmills. They broke into teams of three and four. One group sprinted on the treadmill at 10.5mph for one minute. Another group walked around with two 70 lb dumbbells for a minute. And the last group grabbed a 100 lb ball, lifted it overhead, dropped it, and repeated the insanity for the full minute. They would switch positions after a 30 second rest and go at it again. They did four rounds as I watched in amazement. Kyle Snyder did more. Whatever everybody else did, he amped it up. Speed, dumbbells, and heavy balls. He smiled too.

After practice, Kyle, Grappy, and I went to Chipotle (Kyle’s choice), grabbed some quick dinner and headed over to OSU WBB for practice 11. Practice started at 7pm and finished a little after 8bells. Grappy and Kyle knocked it out of the park sharing their secrets, laughing, telling stories, and encouraging the women’s team to keep building trust and getting to truth. There is nothing wrong with the women’s team, btw. They’re like most every team, playing it safe, not showing everybody their cards, and hoping the chemistry will simply show up. It takes time to build trust and truth in any room. It takes time to reprogram fear based brains. It takes lots of time and lots of love. We’re working on it. I see progress.

As we headed to the exits and I thanked Kyle and Grappy for their time and energy, they turned in some kinda funky synchronized motion and told me how hard my job is. They were emphatic and somewhat surprised. “What do you mean,” I responded almost dumbfounded. Kyle couldn’t believe how different this team was from his. He couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to know what to give them vs what I had just given the grapplers. “How do you switch gears so quickly,” Grappy asked. “How do you remember where you were and what stories to tell?” The questions kept coming and pretty soon a smile creased my face. You see, friend, when I watched the grapplers practice, my mind was blown. Over dinner I asked Kyle how he handles all the hard work, two and sometimes three times a day. I couldn’t imagine. Here we were, a couple hours later, he’s saying the same thing to me.

Hard labor – you will disdain as you tire. Hard opus – you sustain as you tire. Kyle & Grappy labor in love grappling. I labor in love building families, friend, and clients. Hard labor? Hard opus? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Thanks, Kyle & Grappy for building a labor of love. Thank you for laboring in love. We are grateful to be beside you on this climb. It is good to be laboring in love…

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