Practice 29: CORE work

{This is my follow up notes from a practice with a client (modified to protect privacy) that I hope can help you too}

SoAndSo didn’t get the opportunity they wanted and that adds another step to the chess match you’re playing. Don’t mistake that to mean you’re playing a chess match with SoAndSo, you’re playing a chess match towards your OPUS, your big dream. You are becoming more and more clear, strong and convicted about who you are, what you believe and why it matters. It’s pointed you in the direction towards changing the path of SuchAndSuchInc. and potentially your industry in general. It’s a BIG STINKIN’ DREAM.

We watched a little Will Smith, someone I’ve studied and continue to watch because he’s an outlier. He’s a guy who seems to defy gravity, watch that entire clip and you’ll hear more about how. He speaks truths and beliefs more than most. He is unapologetic about his big dream and rests at nothing to accomplish it. He understands that with “hard labor, you will disdain as you tire. But with hard opus, you sustain as you tire.” Big dreams, wrapped around purpose and passion, are the ones that have a fighting chance.

Lastly you shared a couple of wins, thank you for doing so, I LOVE to hear of your success. You’ll be guest speaking in November. I want to know where and when because I may just have to come see for myself. Also, you were recently with a bunch of other people like yourself. You didn’t come in trying to prove your place at this table. You didn’t come in trying to be the big man on campus. You came in that humble fellow from SmallTownUSA who has worked hard to get to where he’s at. Who studies like a banshee and is as smart as a whip. And over time, people noticed you, people wanted to hear from you, people were attacked to you. THAT, my friend, is some serious freakin’ magic. THAT, my friend, is the scientific proof that like mass attracts like mass. I’m really proud of, and happy, for you.

And the best part of all of this, we’re just getting started! I’d like you to work on your CORE document and give it another rinse. I want you to keep looking at your Worldview, Identity, Principles and Passions and write them out. This is such an important piece of becoming and staying core-centered. Great work today…

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