These days…

These days I can’t believe my good fortune. Everyday, Tay and I get to practice becoming one. Everyday.

Today, we practiced with a few teams who are finding their way toward becoming one. Today, Greaves turned into weirdgreaves. You see Greaves is running a big position in his paid profession. He’s one of the top dogs and has got lots to get done and not enough time to get it. So, what’s he done?

He’s read Man’s Search for Meaning and instead of pushing for bigger metrics from his team, he’s pushing for more meaning. He’s taking time out from running hard and fast to run slow and low. Every week he’s giving his team and teammates from any other team, the gift of BTL practice. His job is to produce more mortgage metrics, not meaning. He’s doing both but in ways that make no sense but perfect cents. Who knew?

Today, during practice 33 with a team of Homies, I could hardly believe my ears. Cash did nothing. FM, baby. Scott took us home. Chad took us inside his daper suit. Z opened the kimono. Chelsea asked for help. Jamie(sp) spoke truth about her battle with time. RJ shared his one on one. Greaves shared his one on many. The chief was missing in action and nobody missed a beat. Today, a team of Homies came together in a way few will ever taste. Today we tasted flow after we had just learned about it. These days are so good. These days.

Thanks, Kristin, for turning me on to Rudimental’s new Macklemore remix, titled appropriately – These days. Who knew that these days we would discover so much meaning in making mortgages and so much more. Who knew the unintended consequences could be this cool. Who knew these days could be so freakin’ magic. Who knew.

These days…

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