We don’t rise – we fall…

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” Achilochus 650 B.C. “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to the level of your training.” Navy SEAL.

Your team is no different regardless the sport or profession. You leader have to ensure the team is winning with edge, execution, and excellence. You cannot be satisfied if you’ve been winning with talent but without the kinda training necessary to sustain it. You’ve got to train harder once you reach the pinnacle of your work. You can’t simply let the team turn it on when they think they have to. Your job, if you’re a leader, is to make your team train with an edge, relentlessly focused on execution, and commited to excellence. Your job is to make them think they’re behind even when they’re way ahead. Hard to do, regardless the sport or market.

Buckeyes, Jayhawks, and all kinda teams know how hard it is to maintain their edge, execution, and excellence. What are you doing to increase the level of your training, leader? Start by kicking your own ass harder than you could ever imagine kicking anothers. Nothing keeps the team on edge more than the edge of their leader. Study Alexander the Great, you’ll see.

Today, as every other day, I’ve got a few teams to make do what they can. I’ve got to make them do what they can regardless their record. You too, huh, leader. Remember, we don’t rise – we fall. What level of training is your team falling toward, friend…

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