Practice 251…

Today was wall to wall with beautiful team practices. Time flew by. We ended with practice 251 with Choice and a small team of their leaders. This practice wasn’t scheduled, it was a bonus thrown in at the last minute. Only a few showed up. I love these kind of practices. I love having the time to give these kinds of gifts.

So, today, one of the teammates asked me why I’ve gotten soft on them. He recalled a story where I went off on them, kinda nuts. He thought for sure that Durp was gonna fire me. That was years ago. I’m still building with them and there was much more behind the question than the actual words. I told him the reason that I went off years ago was because that was what was needed at the moment, at least in my mind. I still go off on teams all the time, just not this one. You see, friend, the leader has gotten plenty tough. So, I don’t need to stir it up as much. Good. I don’t like to start fights, bubble up conflict, and be “that guy.” Trust me, I don’t. My job, however, requires me to do whatever is necessary to turn up performance, period. Actually, leader, that is the definition of your job – do whatever it takes to make your team better. Effective or ineffective. Do you see the tie in?

Good work, Durp. You’ve gotten much stronger. We’re on practice 251 and the team has never been stronger even though the chaos is more easily perceived than the order. Your new challenge is to tune in and know when to tone it down. Keep working, my friend. We never stop working, do we? Good…

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