Effective leaders are…

There are lots of leadership styles, aren’t there? There are lots of personalities, approaches, processes, and unique abilities that distinguish leaders from followers. There are, however, only two types of leaders – effective and ineffective.

Nothing distinguishes the effective leader from the ineffective leader more than the level of their belief and ability to connect their belief to their team. Leaders are believers and connectors, remember. Nothing communicates belief more succinctly than a clear, concise, and direct answer to the question on every humans mind who is endeavoring to do anything – “Why?” Everybody, if they’re going to go all in, has to know the why behind our mission. Make sense?

This is why, in BTL team practice after team practice, I remind the team why we’re here, why we’re practicing, and why it matters. The BTL “why” is found in our OPUS, specifically, in the “P” – the purpose. Our purpose is to “Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.” This is why we practice one on one, one on a few, and one on a few more. We believe the worlds best teams awaken, challenge, and transform through deliberate practice. We facilitate these practices to build trust. Without trust, nothing sustainable is being built. With deep trust, built through lots of hard, deliberate practice, we can create a sense of oneness that is freakin’ magic in the making. Deeply trusting teams unite around their collective “why” and can sustain performance through nearly any how. Sound familiar?

Effective and ineffective. Which kinda team are you building, leader? Is your “why” clear to you? Has your team connected, made it their own, and built a bond that can only come from a shared sense of purpose and meaning beyond the metric? If the answer is a resounding “Hell yeah!” Good. Keep working. If the answer is anything else – get busy rebuilding your own sense of belief and mission, friend. Everything rises and falls on leadership. You gotta believe, really believe, before anybody else’s gonna buy.

Leaders are believers. At least the effective ones…

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