During practice this early morning, one of my clients declared his problem. He’s much better at being disciplined in kicking his own ass than he is at sitting on it. He goes and goes and goes. He’s like the energizer bunny in terms of work load. He’s drank the kook-aid on the American dream. He’s all about output. He wants a little more Frenchie. He wants to go quietly to his room, as Pascal prescribed, and be disciplined in solitude and comfortably be alone. He can do a freakin’ million heavy lifts, but finds solitude super scary.

We all gotta lean against our tendencies. Most of us need to get more disciplined in our physical core workouts, walking, and our nutrition. Most of us need more discipline working on our physical beings. Many of us need more time alone, figuring out who we are, who we’re becoming, where we’re going and why it’s worth going there. Most of us need more time working on our spiritual beings. Are you with me?

We are all a work in process, aren’t we? Slow down, my sped up friend. Life is not simply about championship rings and physical victories, is it? Winning is good, don’t get me wrong. Winning is not the only or highest aim, however. I mean come on man, didn’t some dude named Plato say something about the greatest victory is the victory within?

Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Like my early morning client, friend, you just may need more time in your room – alone. Solitude isn’t so scary. Go on, give it a try. Good…

1 thought on “Life…

  1. Self discipline is the greatest form of self love. Self love is a self discipline we struggle with most. Funny huh?

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