Go Bucks…

In a little less than an hour, please click over to BTN (BIG Ten Network) and check out a very BTL team – The Ohio State University men’s wrestling team. We’ve been working with the grapplers for four years now and they’ve drank the koolaid, so to speak. Watch as 7 of the ten finals feature Buckeye grapplers. Yeah, that’s right, 70% of the finals feature a Buckeye. Bigger than that, however, is what you’ll notice when you watch their interviews. These are young men that will restore your faith in amateur athletics. Listen to Coach Ryan. You will feel the love for the sport and for each other. You will feel the respect they have for each other and their opponents. Those of you reading this as BTL clients, will catch some shared language. It will be cool. Check it out.

And, Go Bucks!

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