Today, during a tough and tender practice with a strong leader, I shared a simple coaching moment. I told my friend that he is not emotionally intelligent. He’s made a habit of interrupting those who can’t keep up with his very advanced mind. He finishes what they start and does it well. I explained why this is a limiting habit as a leader and what I want him to do to change it. We invested the entire practice on this one nuance. Were we wasting our time?

Nope. We were following the recipe for becoming elite.

Here’s the message. When you reach elite status, the gains are small and the impact is transformational. Most one on one practices nuance, at least once we’ve been practicing awhile. The elite, remember, marry the mundane and understand that small, incremental gains are the stuff of magic. So, today, we worked on something small. It could be huge. My bet is it will be…

Today, the BTL band has been weighing in on a nuance to our purpose statement. The thing is not broken in it’s current state, in fact, it’s pretty, freakin’ magic in my mind. However, we are rinsing and trying to nuance it toward something even better. We may revert back to our current version. We may not. We’re focused on nuancing our purpose the same way my client is working on nuancing his performance. Are we wasting our time.

Nope we are nuancing.

What about you?

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