The BTL purpose has been our guiding “why” since we began this experiment sixteen years ago. Our original purpose was to wake up dead people, get them on their builders journey, and by doing so, live out ours. This was energizing and freakin’ magic when written back in 2002. I was alone. A BTL band of one, if you will.

When LA (Larry Allen) came alongside and then Peteyness, we rinsed our purpose. It became, “We Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform, individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE.” We were, afterall, here to change the world. Clarity was coming and it was aspirational. This rinse felt good for quite awhile but as the work deepened, more clarity came. The evolution led to another purpose rinse – “We Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform, a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE.” The emphasis we had learned was to focus on the few. Fact. We lived this and loved it.

A few years back we rinsed for more clarity and thought this was golden – “We Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct and deeply connected.” This was further clarity about the definition of oneness. We are one but we’re not the same. So cool and energizing. Again, clarity. More clarity came as we rinsed recently – “We Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected, and BTL.” When this was written, just a few years back, I felt this was the squeaky clean clarity – here to stay. I’m a little nuts, you see, we’re never done, are we?

So here is the latest rinse. This rinse has involved the entire BTL band. Everybody’s played and contributed. A few family, friends, and clients have weighed in. This rinse has been much more about us than it has been about me. I’m no longer alone on this journey. Far from it. The BTL band is coming together. Our family, friends, and clients are coming together too. We are becoming ONE and I’ve never felt more content and less in control. So, here’s the most recent rinse and a few words around what it means. Feel free to weigh in. Feel free to not…

“Together we Awaken, Challenge, and Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into one, distinct and deeply connected. ONE, becoming BTL. Together we transform.”

Our recently rinsed purpose statement (the defining statement of our work) places greater emphasis on together. Together we ACT (Awaken, Challenge, Transform). Together we become whole people – one. Together we are becoming BTL. Together we transform. And, together we never stop becoming the originals we’ve always been. Together we continue to practice, put forth effort, come together, and do good work. Together we master our crafts. Together we become masters in the art of living.

BTL’s purpose and tagline are evolving as is the band. Our tagline is no longer together we improve. Nope, it’s not. Together we transform…

2 thoughts on “Together…

  1. Good rinse. I have felt transformed since knowing you, Chet, and the rest of the band, including LA. Still transforming towards wholeness and integrity and fidelity to my true self–always out of reach but never out of focus. We get to carry each other…

  2. Thanks, Sully. I have felt transformed by you since our first practice together when you were the first person to ever understand the Greek and Latin words we were using to illustrate our points. Thanks for your support and belief over the years…

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