Value matters most…

The BTL opus acrostic ends with the “s,” obviously. The “s” stands for your scorecard for significance. If you are living out an opus, a labor of love, at your place of work, your scorecard for significance should not start with a normal metric. Most corporate scorecards begin with a number, like number of widgets shipped/week, number of car’s sold/month, number of games won/year, or number of dollars put to the bottom line. The “s” in your opus is none of these, nope it’s not.

When you do work you love, you measure what matters most – the value you deliver to those you serve. If you want to work smarter, friend, begin to measure the value of your work. Understand how your product/service creates value for it’s consumer and put your busyness toward delivering more value, not necessarily just delivering more units. Your labor of love ought to provide real value to those you serve. Measure this, friend. You see, nothing builds sustainability like delivering value to your family, friends, and clients. Focus here. Migrate your value proposition ahead of your customer demands.

Value matters most. Good…

3 thoughts on “Value matters most…

  1. AGREE!
    One finds OPUS when one’s Virtue (Strength) combines with one’s Vigor (Values, Interests, Goals, Opportunities, and Roles) to create Value in a value exchange with another based on service. At the intersection of all three lies one’s “why.”

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