Yesterday, during Rich Nathan’s teaching on Easter Sunday, he told the story buried beneath the Edgar Allan Poe poem titled The Raven. The message was profound, at least to me. The story is about a man lamenting the loss of love and how a raven appears at his window, not to console him, but to torment him by repeating “Nevermore,” over and over and over.

We can all relate. My father’s early death, my many friends early deaths, my brothers deaths before I knew them, and the death of relationships that have died from simply too much distance, too little attention, or some combination of each. I can no longer play one of the games I love – basketball. I mean, I guess I could but it’s not worth the risks to my left hip. I could go on. I’ll stop. That’s the point, I guess of nevermore. As we age, we slowly come to grips with how much life is about loss and how much of loss feels so final, like nevermore! Someday, friend, we will all stop. Someday our ability to do anything will be taken from us.

As Rich wrapped up the message of Easter the word change hit me. I don’t know why it’s eluded me all these years. It’s so simple really. The raven reminds us of how much we lose and how final it seems – Nevermore. The resurrection of Jesus reminds us that all is not lost, He is our hope – forevermore. From nevermore to Forevermore. Thanks, Rich, for making us think yesterday. Thanks, Jesus. God, help me live with the hope of forevermore. God, help me remain grateful in the face of so many reminders of nevermore. God, help me.


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