March to the Sea…

This week, during our weekly Wednesday Porch Church, I kinda hijacked the nights agenda. You see, I wanted a couple of my friends to see the adversity they’re in as an opportunity for God to give them another song. So, we read Psalms 40, listened to U2’s anthem 40, John Mellencamps – A Brand New Song, and finished with Twenty One Pilot’s song titled appropriately – March to the Sea.

Of course, we went around the circle after each reading or listening and shared our thinking. Some of the team was visibly frustrated with my voyage off course. We had just started a video series on Jesus, and here goes Chet, again, off on a tangent! Of course nobody said such an honest/raw thought, but I could see it. I do the same thing in BTL practice. Sometimes I let the team decide, sometimes we follow the previous practices march, if you will, and sometimes I take us off the trail and force everybody to look up, think, and see the stuff they’ve been too busy to notice.

Remember, friend, you are meant to sing your song. You are meant to sing along with others. Sometimes you sing background, sometimes you sing lead. You are meant to sing a new song too. Sometimes it’s really painful to figure out it’s time to march to a new beat. I mean you’ve been singing it a long time and you’ve really got it down. Seems kinda crazy to learn something so new so late in life. So, most just keep marching to the sea. Not my friends. Nope. My Porch friends are singing a brand new song, they aren’t mindlessly falling back in line, and it’s going to be good coming alongside. It is always good to come alongside one you love, isn’t it.

Go on friend, step out, sing. A few will come alongside. I hope this helped a few and am certain most lost interest a couple paragraphs ago. If somehow these few words spoke to you, take a few moments and go a bit deeper. Who knows where your momentary march might lead you. Maybe, just maybe, a beautiful march to see. Good…

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