Practice 253 and Lo’s a learner…

Well, yesterday, during the late afternoon, the young apprentice (Tay) went on his first official, BTL beer run. He ran down the street, picked up a variety of six packs, a couple bags of ice, and a cooler. Midway through practice 253 a team of twenty some toasted to their best month ever. We celebrating, worked on our literal and figurative core, and learned that Lo knows how to do more than row.

You see Lo (rowrow to me – former OSU rowing teammate/champion) has only been a part of Choice for eight months. In eight short months she’s gone from newb to one of our best. This past month she blew by many cagey veterans and is chasing down the systems top performer. She, obviously, has what it takes. So, as we laughed and watched Jeff and Yoda build their literal cores, we learned from Lo. We practiced asking questions of a young master in the making so we can understand the specific skills she’s built. You see, friend, high performance doesn’t have to mystify. You too can build mastery in work and life. It always starts with finding a great master to imitate. You and I got to start with learning from the best and pulling out the best from the bunch, make them our own, and build on. So, yesterday, the team got curious with Lo. We asked her question after question and realized her secret sauce is eerily familiar – she starts early, organizes her work, goes hard in intervals, keeps track of her rest/recovery time (its so easy to waste time she said), critically analyzes her work, identifies the skills that lead to success and builds like a banchee. In eight months she’s gone from a rower to a top performer.

And, as we all know so well, the hard part is building beyond what the system says can be done. Choice just set a record, so happy for Durp and team. However, for this record month to become the new norm, this team and in particular these BTL practice teammates can’t rest – they’ve got to keep rowing and keep learning nuances to make their stroke more efficient and effective. Lo’s got to learn to work even smarter. Lauren’s got to push beyond her comfort zone. Josh can’t be satisfied with his consistent 30’s. He’s got to push beyond 40 and keep setting an even higher bar. And, Alicia’s got to find some more newbies to make the current metrics look like child’s play. I like their chances. You see, friend, when Durp asked Lo why she was in BTL team practice when she could have been padding her numbers at the end of the month, she didn’t hesitate with her ccd response – “this investment is worth more than the couple hours on the phone.”

Lo’s a learner. Are you, friend? When we study top performers, they share this trait. The elite love to learn. Masters don’t stop when they’re on top. Masters focus on the process, not the outcome. Keep rowing, Lo. Effort does count twice. And, keep up the learning. Never stop the nuance. Aggregate small, seemingly insignificant gains. The road to mastery – you gotta love it!

Congrats team Choice on your record month. It will be broken soon. Good…

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