Practice 220…

Today, following team practice 220, Brett (krazy founder of k-dev) and I talked on the phone for a few minutes. We do this a lot following our team practice. He and his team have been practicing since he founded this company eight years ago. When we started team practice it was a team of one, just him and me. He had no employees, no office, no properties – nothing but a strong BTL core and an authentic OPUS of his authoring. He’s been building beautifully ever since. If you’re in cbus, check out his latest beauty that defies gravity. It’s located in Franklinton and will be a game changing community of retail, residential, and commercial. It’s name, of course, is no surprise – Gravity.

So, friend, next time you think you and your team does NOT have time to practice, just remember krazy k-dev and it’s founder Brett. If a start up can go through the kraziness inherent in starting anything from scratch, and take the time to practice in the chaos, you and your team can too. The only thing stopping you is your belief system. Might I be so bold as to suggest you might want to question your deepest held beliefs regarding time, team, and what leads to top performances.

Thanks, Brett for your belief, passion, and purpose for building better communities in cbus and beyond. I’m happy being beside you and a few other souls on fire. See you and your krazies at 221. Good…

1 thought on “Practice 220…

  1. Thank you Chet and thank you BTL. I’m learning as much or more from practice today than ever before. What a beautiful thing to be built by you and now the entire kdev team. Who knew work and life could be so fun… I guess you did!

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