Greatness. Together. Good…

Today, during practice 221, we welcomed Paris and practiced 7 good minutes toward Patmanduh, devinwhothinksmuch, bearded one, Paris, Pulluppaul(took 2nd in Arnold Sports Festival with 24 pulls with a 50lb vest!), and finished it off with Brian. We started early and finished late. We put a bow on practice 221 by watching a little clip, sharing a strange partnership, and having Welkywelk remind us that he finds the melody line like a banchee.

Most of the magic, friend, isn’t found between the hours of 9-5. Most of the magic comes when you least expect it, when you show up early or finish late. Today, we did both. Practice was targeted to start at 8:15 and conclude between 9:15 and 9:30. We started at straight up 8 with those who came early and ended at 9:37. The vibe was amazingly positive. Always is. Makes no sense. This team is busy leasing up and busier when leasing is down. This team is fighting City Hall and trying to build beautiful places of commerce and community. This team has tons of competition and the resources they partner with have never been more taxed. I mean come on man, have you taken a look at the cbus skyline recently, there are more big cranes than anytime in my thirty seven years here.

So, today, one of the busiest beavers in the business of building, took time out of their busyness to come together and build within, build each other, and build together. Today, we welcomed a new krazy – Paris. He shared his purpose for choosing to leave his previous job to build a career with the krazies. He lit us up. Today, the k-dev tribe took the time to practice. We started early and ended late. Greatness is in this building. Greatness is in these people. Only the few, however, want it badly enough to double down on the effort especially when they’re so busy, distracted, overwhelmed, and focused on the future.

Greatness, remember, can come from anywhere. You gotta be paying attention, in the moment, when it arrives. Greatness comes when least anticipated and expected. Greatness comes when you find your missing piece, usually in the form of a great person! Dr. Dre and Eminem were down, not out. Arnold and Jim aren’t together by accident. Frankeethepresidentialhonkee and Brett are a classic example of mass attracts mass. Jack Lockton and Mike Frost couldn’t have been more complimentary or completely contrary. Durp knew what he was doing when he forced me to figure it out and make time for Grappy and his team of grapplers. We’re growing old but not tired together. Together we’re transforming from good to great. Together.

Greatness can come from anywhere. Will you be ready when your missing piece comes calling? Greatness. Together. Good…

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