Shining or crumbling…

Yesterday, during practice 254, we read MLK jr.’s masterpiece – Letter from a Birmingham Jail. The reading took a team of twenty around thirty minutes to complete. We invested the remaining hour writing and talking about our interpretation and how relevant and riveting MLK’s words were.

You see, friend, the time to build your strong core is not in the crucible. The time to build it is now. One of the teammates took the time to write me after practice, his ccd interpretation. He is a man of few words. Like E.F. Hutton of old, when he speaks – people listen. Here are his words. See what you think.

“When we face adversity, especially the life-altering suffering exemplified by MLK, the intense pressure will produce one outcome: diamond or dust. Our preparation and core work will determine if we shine like a precious gem or crumble into a cloud of carbon dust. We choose so choose wisely.”

When placed under pressure, friend, are you shining or crumbling? Diamond or dust. Turns out the outcome is determined well before the crucible reveals. Choose to build within now. Good…

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