Elite – “A select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of abilities or qualities.”

I recently heard a respected leader tell a room full of folks that becoming the best version of themselves made them elite. This is not true. Becoming the best version of yourself will make you the best version of yourself. This is a very popular saying today and one that is impossible to measure. I do not want my clients to settle for becoming the best version of themselves. For starters, most of my clients are already very good and at the top of their systems. The higher you are in any system the more obtuse your assessment of your abilities. We find that the higher up you go the more you over estimate how well you’re, in fact, doing.

The BTL process provides a rendering. We make our family, friends, and clients do what they can. Our aim is for a few to become elite in every sense of the definition. We require that our clients trust the process and together we evolve the process with helpful ideas from the elite. You, friend, are not elite unless you are building skills that translate into uncommon performance. Do not settle for being who you are and let yourself off the hook with accepting that your current state is all you’ve got in you. Measure progress backward. Good. Don’t stay where you are, however. Keep your eye on the “O” of your Opus, remember – your Overarching Vision. Keep your eye on your big dream.

We have an unusually high percentage of elite performers as BTL clients. These few are not satisfied with being the best version of themselves. There’s something in them that simply wants to be the best. They trust the process and evolve it too. They don’t take shortcuts because they’re interested in excellence. Kyle Snyder is elite. Joeylamb is elite. Rich Reda is too. Tommyc is elite. Brett is elite. Durp is too. Grappy is elite. Are you?

What’s your process? When did you last push it? How has it evolved? Who beside you makes you do what you can? Keep working, my friend. Keep working…

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