Fight and unite…

A client told me, today, he and his teammate had a breakthrough. According to the him, they had their first productive fight. Remember, friend, elite teams do not fight to prove a point, they fight to improve performance. This is not easy when ego gets in the way. Ego’s, btw, always get in the way. The obstacle is the way. Ego is the enemy. Thanks, Ryan Holiday.

Elite teams fight and unite. Normal teams settle for false harmony and looking good. The elite understand it’s not about how you look that matters, it’s about getting better regardless how unsightly and ugly it might be in the moment. I mean come on man, can you imagine how ugly a SEAL van fight must be! The SEAL’s understand that sometimes you gotta fight to unite.

Today, a couple teammates in the world of commercial work tasted what it’s like to fight and unite. Two are becoming one, distinct and deeply connected. Remember, it’s only a stones throw away from distinct and disconnected. The stronger you become as individuals, the more ego gets in the way. The enemy is not your teammate, even though we’re easily confused when ego is the way. The elite understand they’ve got to subdue ego enroute to conquering enemies. The enemy, friend, is out there, in another company, team, or any other collection of individuals that wants to take what you have.

Subdue ego enroute to conquering enemies. Fight and unite. The enemy won’t stand a chance. Good…

1 thought on “Fight and unite…

  1. Thanks for the words Chet. I struggle with this piece in business and life. I’m more of a pacifier/encourager and I know I need to work through that. I recall days on my college soccer team where we used to battle…and sometimes actually fight. Those practices/instances only made us better and usually led to growth between the “fighters”. You’ve got me thinking. Thanks.

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