Passing through…

Today, a client shared some freakin’ magic learning with me from the movie Crocodile Dundee. “Aborigines don’t own land, they belong to it.” My client told me he feels this way about the ranch and his company. He’s a caretaker. He doesn’t feel like some successful guy, he’s just a guy trying to do the best he can. He doesn’t feel different, better or worse, than anybody else. He spoke from his heart and it was so good to hear.

This is the same guy, btw, who began our practice telling me about his fear of public speaking and how hard it is to keep coming up with something new to say. He told me about the toll this is taking on his very soul. All I did, in coaching him, was listen, and remind him to tell people three things:

Tell people who are, why you’re here, and where you’re trying to take ‘em.

People will love the Dundee reference. We are all just passing through. Trust your heart. It is good. Speak from it. The same is true for you, friend. The right words are in you if you would only trust them. Who knew Crocodile Dundee quotes would be coming out of one of my clients. Who knew?

God, help us trust the words/deeds you’ve buried in our hearts. God, help us trust it is good because you are good. God, help us remember we don’t own any of this. We are all passing through. Good…

2 thoughts on “Passing through…

  1. I absolutely love this, and heartily agree with your soulful friend, Chet. We don’t really “own” anything. Everything we have has been given to us, graciously and lavishly and, yes, even prodigally. Up here in Michigan, I happen to live in a house built in 1937 from the desire of Pat Merrill, a WWI Flying Ace crash-landing survivor and the vision of his whacked-out, brilliant part-time architect and full-time artist friend, Carl Hoerman, from Bavaria (that’s in Germany). These two unlikely pals managed to get together just before WWI (2.0) to build this lovely Bavarian-style Lake Michigan Lodge. Pat’s incredibly hospitable spirit roams the place, welcoming one and all to the hearth in Winter and the Lake vistas in Summer. I DO NOT own his dream or Carl’s vision. I am, at best, a steward of the spirit here. That’s all. And that’s enough. More than enough.

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