Be there…

Let me keep this simple, men. According to the Gottman’s 40 years of research in the Seattle love lab, men have two major complaints with their bride or girlfriend – “There’s too much fighting, and there’s not enough sex.”

Women have two major complaints about us – “He is never there for me. There isn’t enough intimacy and connection.”

Men, being there for our woman is a really big deal. Our Mom’s, brides, partners, girlfriends, daughters, and sisters need a man who is there for them. We can do this. In fact, we love doing this. We love stepping up and being the man in so many ways. We just need to tune our hearing a bit more toward home and hear the yearning; the criticism/condescending commentary, not so much. Hear the yearning, not the harsh set-up (btw, it’s only harsh ’cause our hearing’s at a loss).

Turn toward. Avoid the turn away and turn against. Turn toward her. Of course none of us is Superman. We cannot be there for her all of the time. She will forgive this. Be there, some of the time. Be there, friend.

Who knows, you just might get a little more. Good…

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