If it feeds…

A very common phrase in the media world is “if it bleeds, it leads.” The world it would seem can not take it’s eyes off humanity wrecking itself and each other. At BTL, we believe a word change would make an effective leadership mantra – if it feeds, it leads. What the world needs is information that feeds their heart, mind, and very soul.

We believe the transformational leader understands this truth and feeds her team good news, good words, inspiring videos (think INTeam), tough challenges, tough training, hard truths, honest feedback, and good/frequent celebrations. The transformational, BTL leader feeds her team. This is nothing short of an act of love. The team responds with less fear and more initiative. Good. Normal leaders, however, bleed the team. Most leaders use fear as fuel even as they smile at teammates while pushing them to the brink. The team responds with more fear, more hours, more mistakes, and more blaming than initiating. Not good.

If it bleeds, it leads. This is the built to bleed team that’s becoming built to bleed out – a very slow, painful, bleeding process that slowly loses energy until entropy completely does it in. So, so sad to see. And, so common. Study history, you’ll see.

If it feeds, it leads.

This is the one you want, leader. Feed your team more good news. Feed them information they can use. Fill your team with love and your belief. The built to feed team is the one becoming BTL. This team will transform together. This team, fueled by the ultimate energy, love, lights up it’s surrounding and it’s energy is infectious. This lit team continues to attract more and more lit souls. Mass, remember, attracts mass. Entropy, in this open system, is replaced with a sort of eternal flame. So, so good.

Stumble into Steelwood (OSU grapplers), you’ll warm up – you’ll feel the fire and are bound to get lit. Trip over to 250 High, 30 Warren, or any other k-dev property – you’ll feel the hustle/bustle and love the vibe. You’ll get lit. Make your way to Arlington and walk through the Choice Recovery door. You will never look at debt collection the same. Never. You’ll walk out lit up like a floodlight lighting up the night. Pay a visit to New Albany and wander onto the 4th floor of Homeside. You’ll see crazy Greaves leading some BTL team practice on his own. The place will be lit. You will be too. Stumble into any of our clients here in cbus, over in chitown, in the big Lou (STL), over in Baltimore, down in Texas, out west in Denver, or out in God’s country (KC), and you will get lit. Freakin’ magic, baby.

Built to bleed or built to feed. One leads to slow death and ONE leads to BTL. You choose. Your choices have consequences. God, help me choose to feed the good and forget the fear. God, help me focus on good news. God, help me to live by the mantra “if it feeds, it leads.” God, help me bathe in your light and somehow pass it along. God, help me. Good…

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