Happy Mother’s Day to all the world’s Mom’s. Today, we celebrate you. You’ve been defending your young, well, like a mother, since time began. We’ve not always returned the favor. I mean come on man, back when I was a kid my Mom couldn’t get a credit card or take out a loan in her own name. I can remember not understanding why she signed her name as Mrs. Chester Scott. No wonder so many women suffered from a case of mistaken or at a minimum misplaced identity. Today, women are more and more ‘round the world recognized as the fierce/loving “better half,” if you will. So much human progress has been led by our ladies willingness to champion the universal progress of people. Study history and you’ll see.

Back in 1900 only one country (New Zealand) allowed women the right to vote. Today all but one of the 103 democratic countries (Vatican City) allow women to vote. So, today, we say thanks to all the Mom’s and we celebrate our progress together. There’s nothing quite like the loving spirit of a Mom toward the nourishment and advancement of her young. Thank you, Mom, for giving me the opportunity to know your loving hand was behind me, your belief in me, and your protection all around.

Happy Mother’s Day. God, bless all of you…

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