Your team, most likely, doesn’t need another lecture. We learn when we are forced to think and do something, actively, with our learning. Learning is active. So, leader, get yourself tired with your team. Make them think. If you don’t want them queuing up outside your door, you’d better get better at asking questions like Richard Feynman did back in the day. Most of you are leading teams that are building runways, starting fires, wondering why the planes aren’t showing up, and overwhelmed working really hard, not necessarily really smart. I’ll leave you with this thought to see if you can tie together the loose ends. Warning. This will require you to think.

“In the South Seas there is a cult of people. During the war they saw airplanes land with lots of materials, and they want the same thing to happen now. So they’ve arranged to make thinks like runways, to put fires along the sides of the runways, to make a wooden hut for a man to sit in, with two wooden pieces on his head like headphones and bars of bamboo sticking out like antennas – he’s the controller – and they wait for the airplanes to land. They’re doing everything right. The form is perfect. But it doesn’t work. No airplanes land. So I call these things Cargo Cult Science, because they follow all the apparent precepts and forms of scientific investigation, but they’re missing something essential, because planes don’t land.” Richard Feynman

Make your team think, friend. It may hurt for awhile. Good…

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