Lose this ability…

This morning, another client came clean with me. He told he’s a perpetual liar. He learned this habit as a coping mechanism with an angry father who couldn’t handle the truth. He’s habituated this to the point that he’s had to search the very depths of his soul to find the way out. The webs we spin most certainly entangle us, don’t they? Like all of us, my friend has done more rationalizing than rational thinking. Normal.

Today, we explored John 8:32 and talked about why Jesus instruction is some kinda, freakin’ ccd magic. “Someday you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Lose the ability to bullshit, friend. Lose this ability. Stop waiting till you’re angry to speak truth. Stop the habit of settling for false harmony when you have the simple option of “fight and unite.” The truth will set you free even if it limits your career or the couples you can enjoy as company. The truth does not tax your neural networks. You don’t need to build myelin around the mesh of lies your brain is trying to keep straight when your default cranium setting is simple and true. Remember, friend, embodying truth in love is quite simple – not easy.

Choose what is easy now and life is eventually gonna get really hard. Choose what is hard now, and life gets easier. You choose. Today, a client of mine is making the choice to change his childhood habit of spinning words. He’s going to use fewer words and hear more. His brain is going to love building myelin around neural networks toward mastering his craft. Instead of looking or sounding good, he’s choosing to be good. We could use another man/woman who has chosen to build a better nature. Be good and do good, my friend.

God, help me model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and try to embody truth in love. God, help me…

1 thought on “Lose this ability…

  1. Ah, TRUTH; that besieged and beleaguered prize…the ONE you want. If that’s so–you want truth, huh?–make the acquaintance of truth’s sibling, COURAGE. Then, have courage introduce you to the cousins–facts, evidence, data, and science. If God is the God of truth, none of us should fear the facts, the “language of God.” Finally, go have a long chat with the mother of truth. Her name is HUMILITY, as in, “I may have been mistaken in my prior views. I’ll have to go rethink my earlier position…”

    It’s all in the family.

    –With love from a recovering liar

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