Dream and do version 6.0…

Today, during another BTL team practice, a teammate told his team that he’s looking forward to being done with one of his extracurricular activities. I asked him to tell us more and he did. He told us that a couple years ago he was excited when he took on this non-work related activity. However, he’s lost energy for the endeavor and is counting down the days, so to speak, until his tenure times out. Most of the world is overwhlemed in their work and, when you dig in you discover the same is oftentimes true in their life. Normal. Not good.

As we wrapped up practice I told the team that I am not a professional cyclist. I cycle, quite slowly, because it’s one of my love to’s and one of my extracurriculars you could say. I cycle in my free time and am not paid to do so. In 400 days, I told the team, I’m heading to the French Alps with a handful of cycling crazies to engage in non-work related activities that energize us. In fact, just talking about what we’re gonna be doing in 400 days and imagining how hard it’s going to be and at the same time, how beautiful, gets my juices flowing. I’m not overwhelmed in work or in life. I’m engaged in each and count it a blessing to be able to work and work out. This is not normal.

Your life is an energy management problem, as another teammate said in wrapping up practice. He nailed what I wanted his other teammate to hear. Do not make the mistake of filling your day with extracurricular activities that do not light you up. You are not doing yourself or your company a favor by doing stuff that drains you. Choose extracurricular activities that are a labor of love – activities you would do if nobody was paying you to do them. Integrate your work opus with your life’s opus, if you will. Don’t do the normal gig of compartmentalizing work and life. Integrate around your strong sense of self, around your BTL core. You will not be normal and nor will you care.

Dream and do, remember, is the framework for great work and great life. Don’t count the days until you’re done. Dream big and look forward. 400 days from now, I know exactly where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing (God willing). I can’t wait to train later today toward that extracurricular aim. Good…

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