Do you…

Yesterday, I talked with around a hundred women from Lockton. We spoke and listened for just under an hour. We could have gone on for days. The topic was conflict.


There was no need for preparation yesterday. You see, friend, the BTL playbooks are in me now. The 10,000 hour rule (not a real rule, btw) of deliberate practice has been far exceeded. Now what comes out of me, has been marinating inside through years of domain specific skill building. So, yesterday, I trusted my gut and told new stories in old ways.

Today, six men joined me for some chosen suffering in the 3PP. We set the ipad time for 49:49 and simply did what it told us to do. We did old stuff in new ways. We moved away from the anchor point on the TRX and felt a whole new hit on our aging cores. We talked smack and gave courage. We enjoyed the comradarie of suffering. We’ve been doing this, together, since Littlest fricker and I started this routine on August 1, 2010. Three days a week we gather in the 3PP and build strength within. My lower back pain is completely gone and has been for over six years. It helps to have comrades who make you do what you can, friend. It helps to have an opus that ignites you and propels you to practice your craft to the point of mastery and then keep reaching for more. It helps to build bolted on disciplines so your brain doesn’t have to burn bright on the mundane moments of your day.

What kinda disciplines are you building? Who is helping you bolt them on? How do you know you’re becoming a master in your domain? The best feedback, friend, is from the work itself. The best feedback is from your opus. Of course, this requires that you know your opus deep within your very soul.

Do you?

1 thought on “Do you…

  1. Good stuff, Chet. I’m learning that the magic is in the process. In the work. The work isn’t easy…it’s really freaking hard….but just like you said about the 3PP, those 49 minutes are what make you. And, it’s really cool you’re doing it with that crew. Show up…and get to work consistently…that’s the key message and something I will continue to aim to apply to my life. Thanks for writing.

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