Neither Miss or I ordered Billy Graham’s magazine Decisions. We just started receiving them recently and today I cracked one open. Freakin’ magic. In the middle of the magazine they had his message from September 2, 1978 delivered in Kemper Arena, Kansas City. I was a sophomore at Taylor University but I’m betting my dad was in the audience. He loved Billy Graham and we traveled across the country attending his Crusades when I was a little boy. Even way back then I can remember thinking Billy Graham was speaking to me when he shared his message of Christ and challenged all in attendance to think, at least for awhile. He was a master at putting the cookies on the bottom shelf.

I’m not sure how his magazine found it’s way to our home, but we’re blessed it did. We’ve all got decisions to make, don’t we, deciding how we’re gonna live? We all make decisions each day to bless those around us or burden ‘em. We all make decisions to align behaviors with beliefs (mostly by repairing) or change beliefs to match behaviors (mostly by rationalizing). We all make decisions – lots and lots of daily decisions. It’s no small truth that the quality of our lives is determined by both the quality and quantity of our decisions. Study history, you’ll see.

As for me, I’ve got work to do aligning my behaviors with my deepest held beliefs – lots of work. Thanks Dad, for making so many decisions that showed me the way. God, help me get out of my own way. God, help me…

1 thought on “Decisions…

  1. How sweet, that the love of Jesus came through a loving father, who is passing that same love to others!

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