Larry, of course…

This morning, as I rode up to the Powell Gazebo a few minutes before 8bells, I saw LA’s blessed bride, Kitty, and my heart overflowed with joy. Kitty decided to come and be with us before we departed on our bikes in the 10th celebration of Larry’s last ride. She wrote me just moments ago to tell me she noticed my Duchenne smile and it was energizing to her. Seeing her at the spot where I’d seen LA so many times, just lit me up. We both knew, without saying, how much the moment meant. It was one of those magic moments and Larry, of course, was with us.

God is good, friends.

After talking and taking pic’s, eleven riders departed for Magnetic Springs. We talked and picked up Mark & Mel just outside of Warrensburg. We took the traditional picture on the Mink Street Bridge and then meandered into Magnetic Springs. Just outside of town, I looked over at my friend, George, and told him that the LTrain would have expected us to hammer it at some point. I asked him to join me off the front. Of course, he concurred. We clicked up a couple gears, grabbed the drops, and felt the lactic acid begin to build. I didn’t last long at the front – never do. I did, however, feel LA’s spirit surging through me as I thought of him and remembered our last ride along this same route nine, short years ago. As I soft pedaled to the back and held on for dear life (lots of practice with this maneuver), a couple friends asked me what got into me.

Larry, of course.

Have a blessed Memorial Day with your loved ones. Share smiles, laughs, and love. Make the moment matter and take less and less for granted. God is good, friends. And, so is the gift of friendship. Paraphrasing C.S. Lewis – Friendship may be the greatest love that makes no sense. Friends are not required for life but without friends, life loses it’s zest. Who taught me the freakin’ magic about Lewis and his book The Four Loves?

Larry, of course…

1 thought on “Larry, of course…

  1. Your cool shades couldn’t hide your Duchenne smile, Chet :). Thank you for a beautiful start to this day of remembrance and a sweet celebration of the gift of love and friendship. It was good to be with.

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